Autumn Care


$260 CAD

Phosphorus and potassium are critical in fall applications of trees, ornamentals and vines. Autumn Care contains 1.5% slow release nitrogen from Urea-Triazone Solution and it is safe and reliable with a low salt index for delicate roots. It also provides excellent residual N release, does not leach and will remain in the soil for spring uptake. Our potassium is a soluble, non-chloride source. Since all Douglas Plant Health fertilizers are TRUE SOLUTIONS they are ideal for spray applications for turf, foliar feeding and soil injection of trees and ornamentals. Autumn Care will not settle out of solution and needs no special agitation. It is non-clogging and non-abrasive to equipment with a near neutral pH. Autumn Care is compatible with most pesticides and can be tank-mixed for application.


2 Jugs in a Case.


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SDS Sheet - Here

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